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Ribbons, Rosettes, & Judging Supplies

MB-F's Ribbon Department produces all their ribbons and rosettes by hand. They take exceptional pride in ensuring that you get the very best service, that each ribbon or rosette is perfect in design, sealed for protection and packed with care.

There are a variety of sizes and colors of ribbons and rosettes to choose from in addition to the required traditional colors (see our ribbon prices).  For example a Best In Show rosette can be made in your club colors!

If you have any questions you can contact Kim Robinson at: 
Email: kim@infodog.com or Phone: 336-379-9352 ext.217

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The following deadlines are in effect June 1, 2010
At least 4 weeks prior to show date - normal prices
3-4 weeks prior to show date - 2X normal prices
2-3 weeks prior to show date - 3X normal prices
No orders accepted less than 2 weeks prior to show date.



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