Name: Julie Lahr-Toral
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Mo was shown the day he turned 6 months and took BOW for a 4 point major! Update! Mo got his second major at 12 months on 10/19/08 going WD and an AOM over 7 specials at our specialty weekend shows from the BBE class. Mo has his CHIC. CD Normal, CERF, OFA good and Cardiac normal. Mo finished 1/31/09 by going WD,BOS over a special for an extra point!! Mo has pups on the ground that are doing us proud. Mo went to live in PA with Joy Graham in Sept. 2011.

Name: Joy Graham
Name: Juliette Lahr,Salvador Toral,Erika Lahr,Martin Lahr
Name: Juliette Lahr -Toral
Am. GCh. Lahrheim's Talk The Talk
Call Name: Mo    Sex: Dog

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NAME: Am. GCh. Lahrheim's Talk The Talk
SEX: Dog
BREED: Pointers (German Shorthaired)
DOB: 10/12/2007
SIRE: Ch.Sunset Ridge Stars N Stripes
DAM: Ch.Lahrheim's Unsolved Mystery JH
Am. GCh. Lahrheim's Talk The Talk
Sacramento Kennel Club 04/12/2008 Mr. Dana P. Cline Puppy, 6-9 Mo Dogs 1/W/BW 4 No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES:Judge comments: Good luck with him! He is very nice!
Sacramento Kennel Club 04/13/2008 Ms. Theresa L. Hundt 6-9 Mo Dog 1/R - No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES: This was a reserve to a major!
Chief Solano Kennel Club 04/19/2008 Mr. Charles (Chuck) E. Doran Jr.(EMERITUS) B.B.E. 1/R - No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES:Just keeping track of judges who liked him.
Camellia Capital Kennel Club 05/11/2008 Mrs. Barbara L. Burns 6-9 DOGS reserve - No
Coyote Hills Kennel Club 05/17/2008 Mr. William Cunningham Puppy, 6-9 Mo Dogs 1/W 1 No
Coyote Hills Kennel Club 05/18/2008 Mrs. Connie Gerstner Miller Puppy, 6-9 Mo Dogs 1/W/BW 1 No
Butte County Kennel Club 06/14/2008 Dr. Alvin W. Krause Puppy, 6-9 Mo Dogs 1/W 1 No
Del Valle Dog Club Of Livermore 10/19/2008 Mr. Thomas H. Bradley III B.B.E. Dogs 1/W/AOM 3 No
Kennel Club Of Salinas 12/27/2008 Ms. Sandra Olsen B.B.E. Dogs 1/W 1 No
San Mateo Kennel Club, Inc. 12/28/2008 Mr. Peter A. Baynes (DECEASED) B.B.E. Dogs 1/W/BW 1 No
Oakland Kennel Club 12/30/2008 Miss Dorothy M. Macdonald B.B.E. Dogs 1/W/BW 1 No
Sun Maid Kennel Club Of Fresno, Inc. 01/31/2009 Mrs. Elaine E. Mathis B.B.E. Dogs 1/W/OS 2 No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES: This win finishes Mo!!! 15 months old. Handled to all win by us, his breeders! BOS was over a special! Mrs.Mathies said Mo had a beautiful head and great muscle tone that she could really see when he moved.
Sun Maid Kennel Club Of Fresno, Inc. 02/01/2009 Mr. Neil W. Graves B.O.B. OS - No
Santa Clara Valley Kennel Club, Inc. 02/16/2009 Mr. Lawrence (Larry) J. Sinclair B.O.B. OS - No
Skyline Dog Fanciers Of San Mateo County 06/04/2009 Mr. Richard G. Beauchamp (DECEASED) B.O.B. OS - No
Santa Clara Valley Kennel Club, Inc. 02/21/2010 Mr. Robert Stein BOB AOM - No
German Shorthaired Pointer Club Of San Diego 03/19/2010 Mrs. Deborah Y. Verdon BOB 1st AOM - No
Huntington Kennel Club, Inc. 07/07/2013 Mrs. Betsy A. Yates B.O.B. OS - No




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