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"BULLET" became the third AKC Champion and the first champion son out of this 2008 "PETE" x "SHORTY" litter of five, bred by Marilynn Miller of Dawsonville, GA. His litter-sisters are GrCh Ch Kofuku Adds A Sparkle at Gembox Too, "SPARKLE", & GrCh Ch Kofuku Sugar'N'Spice At Chatawa, CGC, "SUGAR". "BULLET'S" litter-brothers, "BOND" & "BRUCE", are major-pointed! "BULLET" enjoys a wonderful "forever-home" in Valdosta,GA with David & Nancy Stevenson and their sons. All of his litter-mates are Owner/Handled in limited showing. Congratulations to all! "BULLET" is an official NEW Grand Champion, himself! "BULLET" was awarded THE FIRST AWARD of EXCELLENCE in The Tibetan Spaniel Breed Ring at The 2011 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship Show at The Orange County Convention Center in Orlando,FL, by UK JUDGE:Robert H Gregory on Saturday, December 17, 2011. He was handled by Susan Smith Rodgers for Ann Terry,who owner-handled "PETE", his thirteen-year-old sire! Litter-sister, "SPARKLE", was owner-handled by JAN WRIGHT of GEMBOX Tibetan Spaniels, and "SUGAR" was handled by BREEDER:Marilynn Miller of KOFUKU Tibetan Spaniels. "PETE" earned his invitation to the EUKANUBA by completing his AKC GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP at twelve-years-old. "PETE" was the oldest Veteran Dog in the Breed Ring at age thirteen years! "PETE" also showed as a Veteran Dog in the 2006 AKC/Eukanuba in Tampa, FL.

Name: David & Nancy Stevenson
Name: Marilynn Miller
Name: Ann Terry
GrCh Ch Kofuku Bullet Proof For Chatawa Too
Call Name: "BULLET"    Sex: Dog

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NAME: GrCh Ch Kofuku Bullet Proof For Chatawa Too
SEX: Dog
BREED: Tibetan Spaniels
DOB: 11/06/2008
SIRE: AKC GrCh, INT Ch Gin-Tai Chatawa Peter Punkin RN,CGC,TT,CERF
DAM: Ch Kofuku Windom Sweet Shorty Too,ROM
GrCh Ch Kofuku Bullet Proof For Chatawa Too
Griffin Georgia Kennel Club 10/28/2010 Mr. Keith G. Bates Open WD 1 No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES:Ann Terry of Chatawa handled "BULLET" to his first points toward his championship on his second weekend out. He took RWD two out of three shows last weekend in "THE GEORGIA CLASSIC CLUSTER" in Atlanta, GA on his first weekend in the AKC Conformation Ring. Congratulations on his first point!
Griffin Georgia Kennel Club 10/29/2010 Mr. Thomas L. Yates Open WD 1 No
Kennesaw Kennel Club 10/31/2010 Mrs. Mildred K. Bryant (EMERITUS) Open WD,BOS 5 No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES:"BULLET" took BOS over Specials for his first Major in his second weekend out! "BULLET" wishes a Happy Halloween to his sire, "Ch Gin-Tai Chatawa Peter Punkin", "PETE", who was born on HALLOWEEN in 1998!
Okaloosa Kennel Club, Inc. 03/03/2011 Mr. Ian Prentice Open, Dogs WD 4 Yes
SUBSCRIBER NOTES: "BULLET" was handled by Ann Terry of Chatawa to his second Major win, at "THE 2011 ORANGE BLOSSOM TIBETAN SPANIEL REGIONAL SPECIALTY" in Ft. Walton Beach, FL!
Pensacola Dog Fanciers Association 03/06/2011 Dr. Alvin W. Krause Open, Dogs WD,BW 2 Yes
SUBSCRIBER NOTES: "BULLET's" owner, Nancy Stevenson, took some candid shots of "BULLET" back home in Valdosta,GA enjoying a beautiful Spring outing. CLICK at Right to see him.
Valdosta Kennel Club, Inc. 04/14/2011 Miss Virginia L. Lyne Open, Dogs WD,BW 2 No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES: According to our records, this completes "BULLET'S" AKC Championship. Congratulations to his owners,The Stevensons, on their first AKC champion; Handler: Ann Terry; and Breeder:Lynn Miller! "BULLET" is the first champion son from "PETE" & "SHORTY'S" November 2008 litter. Along with his two champion litter-sisters, "SPARKLE" & "SUGAR", his championship qualifies their dam, "SHORTY", for her REGISTER OF MERIT (ROM)title.
Valdosta Kennel Club, Inc. 04/15/2011 Mrs. Faye Strauss Best of Breed BB, SELECT 5 No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES: Defeating two Grand-Champions,three Champions,and five class Tibetan Spaniels, for this five-point major; "BULLET" is on his way to his Grand-Championship!
Southeast Alabama Kennel Club 05/13/2011 Mrs. Molly Martin Best of Breed SELECT 2 No
Macon Kennel Club 05/14/2011 Mrs. Rita Holloway Best of Breed SELECT 3 No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES:This win is "BULLET's" second SELECT MAJOR win! He was handled by Ann Terry of CHATAWA. Congratulations to "BULLET" and his owners: David & Nancy Stevenson!
Macon Kennel Club 05/15/2011 Carlos Navarro Best of Breed SELECT 3 No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES: This major-win completes the three SELECT-MAJORS needed for "BULLET's" requirements for his Grand-Championship, according to our records. He has a total of 13 of the necessary 25 SELECT POINTS in only four shows! Congratulations to "BULLET" on reaching this point in his career in only shows near his owner's home in Valdosta, GA! Way to go!
Griffin Georgia Kennel Club 08/25/2011 Ms. Linda Millman (DECEASED) Best of Breed BOS, SELECT 4 No
Sawnee Mountain Kennel Club Of Georgia 08/26/2011 Mrs. Paula Hartinger Best of Breed SELECT 4 No
Lawrenceville Kennel Club, Inc. 08/27/2011 Mrs. Gloria Geringer Best of Breed BOS, SELECT 5 No
SUBSCRIBER NOTES:Ann Terry handled "BULLET" to his Grand-Championship with this five-point SELECT MAJOR win over eight class males and five male Specials for a total of thirteen males! We appreciate the honor of competing with these outstanding Tibetan Spaniels. Thanks to all the Judges who appreciated his movement, structure, and show attitude. He made "PETE" & "SHORTY" very proud parents!




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