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(GREENSBORO, NC...) The Dog Show Superintendent's Association (DSSA) annual meeting was held December 7, 2011 in Las Vegas, NV. The following members were present: President Bob Christiansen (MB-F); Secretary-Treasurer Sharon DelaBarre, Del DelaBarre, Sheila Raymond (BaRay Event Services); Ken Sleeper, Virginia Sleeper (Sleeper/Jones Dog Shows); Tim James (Onofrio); Ed Smizer, Kristie Shiller and Kathy Berkheimer (Rau Dog Shows); Jack Bradshaw (Bradshaw Dog Shows), Jane Garvin (Garvin Show Services). Lee Herr and Bobby Birdsong represented the American Kennel Club.

Lee Herr and Bobby Birdsong conducted the AKC portion of the agenda and gave the group updates on several AKC/Superintendent topics including national event catalogs availability, rally signs, real time access to AKC registration files to enhance the accuracy of show entries, possible rule changes to authorize superintendent correction of exhibitor errors, Junior Handler Master Class, club insurance, Best Owner Handler class competition, a new AKC Show Secretary event records program, clarification of the Bred by Exhibitor class, 4 to 6 Month Puppy competition, Open Shows, scheduling of Non Regular groups, Best Veteran competition, group realignment, Independent Concurrent Specialties/Event Approvals, and options of running multiple groups concurrently. Also discussed were AKC Marketing initiatives with staff learning about the fancy and a goal to identify incentives for registration of new dogs. An update on the New Exhibitor Mentoring was given and indicated more parent club involvement is needed. The DSSA clarified that the intent had been non breed specific, but was to focus on mentoring folks into the fancy in general terms. There was a discussion regarding Obedience Move Ups between regular and Non-Regular titling classes is being proposed and no objections were noted.

During the business portion of the DSSA Annual meeting, the following officers were elected for 2012: President, Bob Christiansen, MB-F; Secretary/Treasurer, Sharon DelaBarre, BaRay Event Services. Ed Smizer was elected for a new three-year term to the Executive Committee.

Formed in 2002, the Dog Show Superintendents Association represents professional AKC licensed superintendents in all important matters impacting superintendents and the Dog Fancy. The DSSA is a group of Professional Superintendents that represents well over 100 years of experience in providing support services to the AKC, show giving clubs and dog show exhibitors.

Left to Right: Del Delabarre, Kristie Shiller , Lee Herr, Kathy Berkheimer, Ed Smizer, Sheila Raymond, Ken Sleeper, Sharon DelaBarre, Bobby Birdsong, Jane Garvin, Tim James, Ginger Sleeper, Jack Bradshaw, Bobby Christiansen