Rockland Co KcSuffernNY 03/08/97G S H Pointers
So Jersey KcVinelandNJ 10/19/97G S H Pointers
Kachina KcGoodyearAZ 10/25/97G S H Pointers 7
Chintimini Kennel Club, Inc.CorvallisOR 03/20/99G S H Pointers
Bonneville Basin Kennel AssociationFarmingtonUT 09/11/99G S H Pointers
Yakima Valley Kennel Club, Inc.YakimaWA 05/01/00G S H Pointers
Lone Star German Shorthaired Pointer ClubFort WorthTX 09/22/00G S H Pointers
Golden Valley Kennel Club, Inc.TurlockCA 11/24/00G S H Pointers
Walla Walla Kennel ClubWalla WallaWA 04/27/01G S H Pointers 3022
Prescott Arizona Kennel ClubPrescottAZ 09/15/01G S H Pointers
Bell Vernon Kennel Association, Inc.Mt VernonWA 06/29/02G S H Pointers 811
Wright County Minnesota Kennel ClubHutchinsonMN 07/07/02G S H Pointers
Mid-del-tinker Kennel Club, Inc.Oklahoma CityOK 10/20/02G S H Pointers
Ephrata-moses Lake Kennel ClubMoses LakeWA 04/12/03G S H Pointers 1812
Prescott Arizona Kennel ClubChino ValleyAZ 09/14/03G S H Pointers
Tupelo Kennel ClubMemphisTN 10/11/03G S H Pointers
Coso Dog Fanciers Of CaliforniaRidgecrestCA 03/13/04G S H Pointers
Mt. Palomar Kennel ClubVistaCA 07/31/04G S H Pointers
Gallatin Dog ClubBozemanMT 09/15/04G S H Pointers
Cook Inlet Kennel ClubPalmerAK 11/07/04G S H Pointers
Coyote Hills Kennel ClubVallejoCA 05/22/05G S H Pointers 1511
Riverside West Kennel Club Of Greater New OrleansBiloxiMS 09/07/05G S H Pointers
Southern Indiana Kennel ClubCorydonIN 06/03/06G S H Pointers
Gold Country Kennel ClubGrass ValleyCA 09/03/06G S H Pointers 2013
Silver Bay Kennel Club Of San DiegoDel MarCA 02/24/07G S H Pointers
Clinton Iowa Kennel ClubDe WittIA 03/31/07G S H Pointers
Cabrillo Kennel Club, Inc.San DiegoCA 05/12/07G S H Pointers
Donner Trail Kennel Club, Inc.RosevilleCA 10/06/07G S H Pointers
Ephrata-moses Lake Kennel ClubMoses LakeWA 04/12/08G S H Pointers 810
Mt. Palomar Kennel ClubVistaCA 08/03/08G S H Pointers
Gloucester County Kennel Club, Inc.BuenaNJ 10/17/08G S H Pointers
Willamette Valley Kennel ClubSalemOR 11/09/08G S H Pointers
Kern County Kennel Club, Inc.BakersfieldCA 03/28/09G S H Pointers
Terry-all Kennel Club, Inc.BrightonCO 04/10/10G S H Pointers
Eugene Kennel Club, Inc.EugeneOR 09/11/10G S H Pointers 1111
Lakeland Winter Haven Kennel ClubLakelandFL 02/19/11G S H Pointers 400
Tanana Valley Kennel ClubAnchorageAK 03/26/11G S H Pointers
Klamath Dog Fanciers, Inc.Klamath FallsOR 05/15/11G S H Pointers 100
Ventura County Dog Fanciers AssociationVenturaCA 07/10/11G S H Pointers
Prescott Arizona Kennel ClubChino ValleyAZ 09/17/11G S H Pointers
Spirit Of The Heartland Kennel ClubGray SummitMO 09/24/11G S H Pointers
Houston Kennel Club, Inc.HoustonTX 03/17/12G S H Pointers
Baltimore County Kennel Club, Inc.TimoniumMD 04/22/12G S H Pointers 1511
Mount Bachelor Kennel ClubRedmondOR 07/01/12G S H Pointers
Palisades Kennel Club, Inc.AugustaNJ 10/12/12G S H Pointers
Whidbey Island Kennel Club IncMonroeWA 11/18/12G S H Pointers
Mckenzie Cascade Dog FanciersAlbanyOR 02/25/13G S H Pointers
Fort Worth Kennel ClubFort WorthTX 03/23/13G S H Pointers
German Shorthaired Pointer Club Of Riverside CountyChinoCA 04/26/13G S H Pointers
Beaumont Kennel Club, Inc.HoustonTX 07/20/13G S H Pointers
Hurricane Ridge Kennel Club Of Washington, Inc.SequimWA 07/27/13G S H Pointers
Bayou Kennel Club, Inc.MonroeLA 08/30/13G S H Pointers
Wright County Minnesota Kennel ClubHutchinsonMN 10/05/13G S H Pointers
Idaho Capital City Kennel Club, Inc.BoiseID 10/13/13G S H Pointers
Shoreline Dog Fanciers Association Of Orange CountyCosta MesaCA 12/07/13G S H Pointers
Olympia Dog Fanciers AssociationElmaWA 05/04/14G S H Pointers
Sooner State Kennel ClubEnidOK 10/11/14G S H Pointers
San Gabriel Valley Kennel ClubCity of IndustryCA 11/01/14G S H Pointers
Mt. Palomar Kennel ClubValley CenterCA 05/17/15G S H Pointers
Five Valley Kennel ClubMissoulaMT 06/23/15G S H Pointers

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