Instructions for Submitting Premium Lists Online:
  1. On the Internet go to (A handy link is provided at the bottom of this page!)
  2. Click on Explore InfoDog
  3. Click on Show Information
  4. Click on Search Panels
  5. Click in the box under "Search Panels by Show"
  6. Type in the name of the show or some portion of the name (min 4 characters) and click Submit
  7. Note: Some shows have words abbreviated, so the fewer characters typed, the better.

  8. The next page will list shows and dates. Pick the dates that you are interested in.
    This will lead you to the club home page.
  9. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Find the button that says "Premium List Copy System"
    click on the box to the left of the button. You are getting ready to make up your password.

  11. Type in what you want your password to be.
  12. When you have finished typing, click on Premium List Copy System The next page will be
    bright yellow and has lots of information to fill in. You can complete this page at your own pace,
    however it is important that you get your information to us in a timely manner so we can get your
    premium lists out. To save your information, be sure to click on Click Here to Save button at the
    bottom of the page. This information will be saved in our database, but will not yet be available to
    our typesetting department.
  13. When the form is complete and you are sure that everything is OK, scroll to the bottom of the
    page. You will see an area that says "Is this copy complete?" and there is a small check box.
    Click on the check box and a check mark will appear. Then click on Click here to Save. Once
    this is done, the information is automatically sent to the MB-F typesetting department
    and you can no longer access the form to make changes.

Should you need to change anything after you have submitted your premium list to us, please call
the MB-F premium list department at 1-800-334-0813.

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