Guidelines for Submitting Catalog Advertising Material to MB-F, Inc.
  1. A brief word about our catalog process

    We publish our catalogs electronically, using Adobe® Illustrator® 10.0, Adober InDesign 4.0® CS4 & Adober Photoshop® CS4 for the PCs running Windows operating system. All advertising, Premium Lists; Judging Programs; and the final catalogs, along with the covers, are produced using the same programs. All print and graphics are then sent to an imagesetter, where plates are made. Those plates then go onto our presses. And, finally, the printed pages are folded, collated, bound, and trimmed into the finished catalog.

  2. Production process

    Once advertising has been received for a particular catalog, the ads are then arranged into packs according to the specifications given to us on the accompanying control sheet per the advertising chairman's request. Then all copy is hand typed or put through an OCR program (Omnipage) that automatically converts information into a text file. That file is given a specific name for the club. When a pack is completed, it is then typeset and layed out in relation to the ad copy given. After setting, all photos and logos for the ads are scanned on a flatbed scanner and balanced for best results on our image setter. All ads are then proofread and checked for correctness.

    Please Note: — We are the printer of the material you are sending us. Because we use PC related hardware and software, any electronic files submitted from a Mac must be saved using the 3-letter extension associated with each program (see Computer- File Formats below). Any converting of materials for our use will be the responsibility of the customer, not ours.

  3. Requirements for material sent in for reproduction

    1. Original photographs (Ex. show photographs, other professional photographs, snapshots, etc.) ALWAYS reproduce the best. Reprinted photographs & inkjet photographs reproduce the poorest.
    2. All submitted material on disk MUST BE accompanied by a printed copy along with the exact file name of the file to be used. This assures that the information submitted is correct (layout, copy, and any artwork including photos) as to what is to be expected in catalog reproduction. Note: Do not send images placed in a Word document as the only image to be used. Please send the original photograph or include a disk with the photo in one of the formats listed below.
    3. If the fonts that you choose to set your ad in are not availalbe to us, the fonts WILL BE changed to the closest match available. DO NOT send us your fonts; we cannot accept outside fonts.
    4. Please provide contact phone number (daytime & evening), e-mail address, and home address. This case the disk(s) do not reach us in operating order, are not usable, or are missing information.
    5. The measurements for ad size is 4 1/2" x 7 3/16" for a full page, 4 1/2" x 3 9/16" for a half page, and 4 1/2" x 1 3/4" for a quarter page. Please do not exceed these measurements as reductions may affect final ad size.

  4. Computer

    1. Accepted Media
      1. PC readable CD-ROM or CD-R (no CD-RWs, please)
      2. E-mail with or without attached documents (see IV. C. E-mail Guidelines)
    2. File Formats
      1. Adobe® Illustrator® — oe filename.eps
      2. Adobe® Photoshop® (for best results; sizes are after cropping)
        1. color or grayscale TIFFs — filename.tif, 4 1/2" wide @ 200 dpi
        2. black & white TIFFs — filename.tif, 4 1/2" wide @ 400 dpi
        3. color or grayscale JPEGs — filename.jpg, 200 dpi @ minimum quality
        4. black & white JPEGs — filename.jpg, 400dpi @ minimum quality
      3. Portable Document Format (PDF) — filename.pdf (fonts used MUST match exactly to our own or be embeddeed)
      4. Microsoft Word — filename.doc
      5. We will not accept any files or formats that are not included on the list above. This includes QuarkXPress™, Microsoft® Publisher, Microsoft® PowerPoint, etc.
    3. E-mail Guidelines
      1. It is acceptable to send us any of the previously mentioned files attached to an e-mail message to this address: .   Please include your show name and/or number in the subject line.
      2. Do not send files that are compressed using either .zip, .sit, or other compression formats
      3. WE MUST receive written conformation from the ad chairman to use any ads received by us through e-mail to print in the catalog.

  5. Concerning Materials for Publications

    Many computer files may contain only text and the photographs may require placement. If your particular file does not have an enclosed image, this means we will need to scan in your photography or artwork. To insure good quality artwork please follow the requirements listed below:

    1. Measure artwork to make sure it is no larger than 8 1/2" x 14".
    2. Send a clear copy of artwork or original photo. Quality of copier copies; fax copies; pencil drawings; and screened photos; including catalog page tearouts or any other pre-published material (contains dots and may blur), cannot be guaranteed.
    3. Quality of separations required from artwork that have an overlay (type over an image), other than line art, and anything that has a dark background in which an image has to be extracted (ex. black ink on red paper) cannot be guaranteed.
    4. NO negatives, slides, or transparencies will be accepted. We have no means of reproduction.
    5. Please make a note that there will be a charge for EACH photograph submitted whether it’s an original photograph or a digital image.
    6. Disclaimer on full bleeds: sometimes the photo sent is not of adequate proportions for a full bleed; in this case we will do the best we can with the image received.
    7. Please attach all artwork that is to be scanned with a PAPER CLIP to the accompanying ad sheet.  DO NOT USE TAPE OR STAPLES as they may cause tears or other permanent marks that may deface the original photographs.
    8. All photos are subject to cropping as necessary at our discretion unless otherwise noted.

  6. Options for Submitting Information
    1. Standard Mail:
      MB-F, Inc.
      c/o Catalog Ads
      P.O. Box 22107
      Greensboro, NC 27420
    2. UPS, FedEx, Airborne Express, or other express carriers:
      MB-F, Inc.
      c/o Catalog Ads
      620 Industrial Ave.
      Greensboro, NC 27406
    3. E-mail:

If there are any questions about how to send your ads, photos, and/or computer files that this list does not cover, please contact our Greensboro office. We will find an answer to your questions and get back to you as quickly as possible. Please call Jan Bruni at 336.379.9352, ext. 207. Note to Ad Chairman: Feel free to make copies and distribute these guidelines with those that will be submitting advertising. These guidelines can also be found on our website at under Help.

If you would like to download these guidelines, please click the link below.  It is available as a PDF document.

PDF Guidelines

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