brag.jpg Total Subscribed Brussels Griffons: 24
GCH Cashin's Sizzling Bacon Bit Yes
CH. Cashnross' A Brief Furlough Yes
Ch Doveland Karma Eclipse No.
Ch Hazeldean Bare Bear No.
Ch Hazeldean Black Knight No.
Ch Hazeldean Buster Rumblelow No.
CH Hazeldean Spirit Of The Dance No.
Ch Hazelean The Knight B4 Xmas No.
Ch Karmas Black Bare No.
Ch Karmas Black Tornado No.
Ch Karmas Simply Irrepressible Yes
CH Seagryphs Sleeping With The Anemone Yes
Ch Shann's Leap Of Faith At Paragons Yes
Ch SleepyHollow's In Cog Neeto Yes
GCH CH Chismick's Lights On Broadway Yes
GCH CH SleepyHollow You Can Do Magic Bear Yes
GCH Cashnross' First Griff Tina Fey Yes
GCH Krossfire Dealers New Deck Yes
GCH Paragons Sharp Dressed Man At Greengates Yes
GCH Seagryphs Cuba Libre Yes
GCH.Marsdon Frankly Speaking Yes
GCH.Tupelo Axel Rose Br No.
Lil Rok's Jumpin Jack Flash No.

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