brag.jpg Total Subscribed Doberman Pinschers: 221
AKC CH Dancing Stars Latin Sonata, CGC, TDI Yes
AKC CKC UKC CH Rauschund's Mean Mr Mustard Yes
AKC GCH Silver/UKC CH Fayek Fancy Don't Let Me Down, WAC, CGC Yes
AKC GCH/UKC Ch ADAMAS Bottle Shock Of Mirabel NA NAJ CL-2 Yes
AKC/Can/UKC Ch. Sasanoa Bodacious, CGC, TT, WAC Yes
AKC/UKC CH Addox's Rock Star, CGC Yes
AKC/UKC CH Shadekos Isnt She Lovely,CD, CGC, TDI, TT Yes
AM CH Rauschund N Fabert Beau Bisou Yes
AM/CAN CH Holmruns Heliodor Marquis Yes
AM/CAN Ch.Silvercrest Hot Pursuit Yes
AM/Can CH Fabert's French Kiss Rauschund Yes
Achates Bocelli V. Drakenberg Yes
Alpha Altair Tom Watson Yes
Aludra's Testa Rossa, CD, RN, RA, CGC, WAC No.
Am CH Rauschund N Fabert Kiss This Yes
Am GCH/Int'l CH/BIS U-GCH Skylocke's Sound Machine, CGC Yes
Am. Can. Ch. Niklby's Proof I'm Popular, RN,CGC Yes
Am/Can CH Omni's Mega Kudos Kora Yes
Am/Can CH Rauschund's Orion Marquis Yes
Am/Can Ch. Sasanoa Rebellious Yes
Am/Can Ch. Silvercrest Day Dream Believer Yes
Ashtrick N Kettle Cove Triple Play Yes
BIS AKC GCH / BIS BISS INDIAN GCH Jaspar's Destiny's Child Yes
BISS GCH CLARiiON's Lindero Canyon V. Thunder Yes
BISS/BPIS/BPISS CH Cambrias Caracas Of Kettle Cove Yes
BISS/BPISS Am/ Can CH Marquis Lone Star Rauschund Yes
BPIS Am/Can CH Rebayla's Blue Pearl Of Texas Yes
BPISS Am/Can CH Rauschund's Monsieur Marquis Yes
BPISS Can CH Fabert N Alexis Robin Hood Yes
Black Bart's Poker Alice Yes
Blackjack's Angel Eyes No.
CAN /UKC CH GMC Take It Back Again V Bravehart Yes
CAN /UKC CH Tequilas A Kiss By Midnight No.
CAN/UKC CH AKC BBES GMC Invitation To Flash V. Tequilas Yes
Ch Dancing Stars Bad Moon Risin' CGC,TDI TT Yes
CH Veritas New York After Dark Yes
CH Veritas New York Nightlife Yes
CH Veritas Vision Quest Yes
Ch .Silvercrest Snodancer V Aludra Yes
CH Aguilo Broadway Success Story Carosel Yes
CH Alpha's Road Warrior,WAC Yes
Ch Alpha's Simply Irish CGC TDI RN RA Yes
Ch Aquarius' Garbo V Tiburon Yes
Ch Baystar's Charlie's Angels Yes
CH Black Bart's Billy The Kid, BN, CGC, WAC Yes
CH Blackjack's N Dillon's Steel Blue Lightning Yes
Ch. Char-Lors Just'a Gigalo Yes
Ch. Char-Lors Wicked Good Yes
Ch CLARiiON's Malibu Canyon V. Thunder Yes
Ch. Cadbrae This Is It Yes
CH Dancing Star's Andalusian Rose BN RN Yes
Ch. Dancing Stars Latin Salida Yes
CH. Diadem's Ice Dreams V Aludra, WAC Yes
CH. DoyerDobes The Heartbreak Kid, RN, WAC Yes
CH Drakenbergs Symphony In Red, WAC, CGC, TDI Yes
Ch. Eystwick's Fast And Furious Yes
Ch Fantasy Island's Inspiration Yes
Ch Foxhall's Brut II, CD, BN, RE, ROM, CGC Yes
Ch Foxhall's Jouet CDX, RN, GN, RE, ROM, CGC Yes
Ch. Goldgrove On Fire Baby Yes
CH Gorrmae's Giselle N Vogue, CGC, TDI, TT Yes
Ch Kaywood's Clear Nite Conquest Yes
Ch Kendra's Genuine Article, UD, RAE, ROM, CGC Yes
Ch. Kettle Cove N Ashtrick Autumn Splendor Yes
Ch. Kettle Cove Red-E To Be Amazed Yes
CH Kettle Cove U Bet I'm Red-E Yes
CH Kinetic The Great Whodini Yes
Ch Lyndobe's Destiny Of Mi-Cher CD Yes
CH. Marlords Cover Page RA, CD, ROM Yes
CH Marquis Eternal Soul, CD, CA, CGC Yes
Ch Mi-Cher's Angel Commander CDX Yes
Ch Mi-Cher's Trace of an Angel CDX Yes
Ch. Mick Rick's Chicolena Yes
Ch Quartets Spectacular Moment Yes
CH Rauschund N Darwin's Family Tradition Yes
Ch Rauschund's Aquila Marquis Yes
CH Rauschund's Draconis of Autmn Yes
CH Rauschund's I'm Happy Just To Dance With You Yes
CH Rauschund's School Of Hard Noxs Yes
CH Rauschund's Seraphic Rising Yes
CH Rauschund's Southern Comfort Yes
Ch Shadeko's Bringin' On The Heat Yes
Ch Shadeko's Hot Flash Yes
Ch Sharjets Essence Of Dubai Yes
Ch Silvercrest Hoot N Holler Yes
Ch Silvercrest Screaming Eagle Yes
Ch Talladega's American Thunder RN OA OAJ NF NJP CL-3 CGC VCX ROM Yes
CH Tiburon Cover Girl Barbie Yes
CH Tiburon Deacon Blues No.
CH Veritas Vantage Point No.
CH Veritas Only In New York Yes
Ch Wyndem's Fantasy Island Knight Yes
Ch.Kerwynd's Lady Sings The Blues Yes
Cha-Rish Kiss Me I'm Irish Yes
CLARiiON's Fire And Ice V Thunder No.
Cadbrae The Way You Make Me Feel Yes
Cambria's Quasar Yes
Can CH Goldgrove Heaven's Messenger Yes
Can CH Raindance Armed And Extremely Delicious Yes
Can. CH. Dobemyers-N-Tequilas Jasper . J CGC ,WAC Yes
Dancing Star's The Winner Takes All Yes
Dancing Stars Latin Serenade Yes
Destas Black Tie And Tails No.
Dillon's Barclay Amy CD RN WAC TDI CGC Yes
Dillon's Eye Of The Storm No.
Dillon's L'Even Redhanded RA CGC Yes
Dillon's Sound Of Distant Thunder Yes
Dillon's Stroke Of Midnight Yes
Dobemyers Charlie Brown Yes
Dobemyers Oogah Chakah Rugah Yes
Dobemyers Peppermint Patty RN CGC No.
DoyerDobes Dare To Dream Yes
Doyerdobes Inkidescent V Kani Yes
Drakenberg's Wine And Roses, CGC, CD Yes
Emerald's Black Sapphire No.
Faberts Circus Of Life Yes
Fayek's Fire Walk With Me Yes
G. Ch. Char-Lors Bad Reputation Yes
GCH Alpha's Magic Man CGC Yes
GCH Bolero Cold Cash V Deerfield Yes
GCH CH Sharjets Hard Spun CGC RN WAC CD ROM TDI Yes
GCH Charbon's Cindarella Gold Spun Rauschund CGC Yes
GCH Carry-On Merchant Man Of Ravenswood Yes
GCH Dancing Star's Rio Nights Yes
GCH Dillon's Evening The Odds Niklby CD RA Yes
GCH Dillon's Midnight Rambler RE CGC WAC ROM Yes
GCH Dillon's Zipper Ripper CD Yes
GCh Foxfire's Tell Me About It Yes
GCH Kerwynd's Certified Country CGC Yes
GCH Majestic Cracklin Rosie Lemils CD RE Yes
GCH Marquis From Here To Eternity Yes
GCH Monarch's Cold Play Yes
GCH Perfex Canis Major Yes
GCh Raindance Led Zeppelin Of Marquis Yes
GCH Sharjets Starr Catcher CD RN CGC Yes
GCH Tiburon Arsenal Yes
GCh.Kerwynd's Forever Country Yes
GMC Adamantium Secret Weapon No.
GMC Legend Of Loyalty Yes
GRAND CH Gorrmae's Cover Girl CGC TDI TT Yes
GRCH Rauschund's Stacked And Packed, CGC TDI Yes
Gorrmae's Angel For Dancing Star Yes
Holly Wood's Sexy Siren No.
Holly Woods Apple Martini Yes
Holly Woods Lucky Juxtaposition No.
Holmrun Fabert N'Rauschund Yes
Holmrun's N'Force Rauschund No.
Huricane Hanabell Licked Her CGC, RN,WAC Yes
Iron Eagle Axl Rogue, CGC Yes
Jaladecks Never Kiss-n-tell U Fool Yes
Jerilyn Blackwater's Pindar Bewitched Yes
Jokers Expose Of Meka, CGC, TT Yes
Kerwynd's Call of Duty No.
Kerwynd's Memphis Minnie Yes
Kerwynd's Mexican Hat Dance Yes
Kerwynd's Summer Song No.
Kettle Cove R U RED-E For Love Yes
Kettle Cove VR Boston Cream Pie No.
Kyoti Call Me Mr. Blue Yes
Kyoti Legacee CGC Yes
MACH Platinum's Winner Takes It All CD MXS MJS OF RN Yes
MBIS MBISS GCH Tiburon Ariel Bella Dona Yes
MBISS Silver GCH Black Bart's Calamity Jane Yes
MULTI BOB, BISS GCH CH Rich-Lie Captain Navarre Of Aquila, CGC Yes
Maggie Phoenix Of Odyssey CD RE TT WAC CGC TDI Yes
Manarjj N Gralemor Secret Weapon Yes
Manorie Dobe's Mambo Yes
Mary Poppins De Black Shadow Yes
Mi-Cher's Cruisin Angel Eva CD Yes
Mi-Cher's Red Coat Commander Yes
Mi-Cher's Renegade Angel CD Yes
Mi-Cher's Song Of Freedom Yes
Mi-Cher's Tea Party Girl No.
Mi-Ti's Hot Rod Yes
Mi-Ti's Mayhem Yes
Mi-Ti's What Dreams May Come No.
Multi BIS Can Ch.Silvercrest SnowTime V Aludra No.
Niklby's Special Evening CD RA WAC CGC Yes
Nova's Zarya V. Kelview, CD, RN, CGC, TDI Yes
Old Drum's Catch Me If You Can Yes
Quartets Grand Moment Yes
RBIS UKC Ch. Beja's Sorella Suzy Q Yes
Raindance Genesis Of Marquis Yes
Rauschund Lupus Journi Marquis No.
Rauschund N Fabert Canadian Sunset Dakota Star Yes
Rauschund N Fabert Dancin In Th'Dark Yes
Rauschund's Cassiopeia Marquis Yes
Rauschund's Fast Cars And Freedom Yes
Rivendell's Practical Magic No.
Rivendell's True Grit Yes
Shadeko's Back To The Future Yes
Shadeko's Good Vibrations Yes
Shal-mar's I've Got A Secrete Yes
Sharjets All In A Moment Yes
Smack-Dab's PKG's Reason For Believing CD,RA,OB2,TR1,MX,MXJ,WAC Yes
Spelkaster Purple Tiger V Aludra Yes
Strebors JustAKid Xtrordinaire Yes
Tequila's Full Monty CGC, RN,.RA, RE Can.RN,WAC Yes
Tevro D'Vine Ciao Bella Yes
Tiburon Aragorn Yes
Tiburon Calendar Girl Yes
Tiburon Enchantress Of Woods Hafen Yes
Tristram Kiss Me Or Not No.
U-CH, Int.CH Ebony Vom Haus Do'Urden CGC, CGCA, RN, BN Yes
UKC BIMBS CH Tequilas Hoot-N- It Up In Grand Style Yes
UKC CH GMC Remington Steele Yes
UKC CH Tequilas Reach For The Stars V Adria No.
UKC GRCH GMC No Time For Tequilas CD RN BN Rati Rato R01 URO1 Yes
Veritas Visage Valextra No.
Wishes Irish Rose Yes

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