brag.jpg Total Subscribed Afghan Hounds: 62
BIS, BISS, CH Silhouette's Shame Shame Shame JC No.
Barakis Crystal Blu Persuasion Yes
Boanne's Dragon Rider Yes
Boanne's Zaphira Yes
Boanne's Zinovia Yes
Boanne-Scarabet Dragon's Defeat Yes
Ch Bluchip Black Velvet No.
Ch Boanne's Listen To Your Heart Yes
Ch CharterOak Dark Moon Yes
Ch CharterOak Midnight Moon Yes
CH. Cynergy's Moonlight N Roses Yes
Ch. Cynergy's Rocket To The Moon Yes
Ch High Kaliber's First Light SC No.
Ch. Jakar Jolie Coquette Yes
Ch. Jolie Foreshadow Yes
CH Jolie Glitterati Yes
Ch Kasban Winsong Heavenly Truth Yes
CH Kasban-Seafire's Sultan of Swing, CGC, CD, JC, NAJ, LCM3 Yes
CH. Klacic's Slow Dancin With The Moon Yes
CH. Klacic-Cynergy's Twlight Moon Yes
Ch Regimes Thriller Of Elmo No.
CH Rustic Mahali Center Paige Yes
Ch. Seistan's Get In Line No.
CH Sharja Silhouette No.
CH Silhouette Me Summerwind No.
CH. Silhouette's Artistry No.
CH Silhouette's Beluga On Ice No.
CH Silhouette's Smile No.
CH Silhouette's Song Bird No.
CH. Silhouette's Starlet No.
CH. Silhouette's Stilletos No.
Ch Silhoutte's Summerwind Blowin'in JC No.
Ch Xandali Isabeau Of Boanne Yes
CH.Silhouette's Artistry No.
Diamonds In The Sky Of Meadow Valley Yes
GCh. Boanne's Thunderation Yes
GCH CH Rustic Title Paige Of Spirit Ridge Yes
GCh. Kasban Sura Bell Bottom Blues Yes
GCh. Seistan's Backseat Romeo Yes
GCh. Seistan's Rough and Ready Yes
GCH Whatever Lola Wants Of Meadow Valley No.
GCH Winsong Chandani Risky Business Yes
GCH.Silhouette's Star Light Express No.
Glitnir Austri Yes
Jakar Advice Well Taken Yes
Jakar Jelacy Extraordinary Advice No.
Jolie Revolution Yes
Jolie Soothsayer Yes
Klacic-Cynergy's Fly Me To The Moon No.
Klacic-Cynergy's Moonlight N Stardust No.
Klacic-Cynergy's Moonshadow Yes
Klacic-Cynergy's Moonwalker No.
Mahali Capri Yes
RBIS GCH CH Spirit Ridge Something Royal Of Rustic Yes
SBIS Ch. Boanne's Tale Of A Dragon Yes
Seafire's Champagne Wishes, Fch Yes
Seafire's Memories In Black And White, CGC, TCP Yes
Silhouette's Devil In Disguise No.
Silhouette's Mirage No.
Silhouette's Shameless No.
Tajjiq Khan Yes
Wind Beneath My Wings Of Meadow Valley Yes

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