InfoDog Breeder's Directory Notice

Effective October 30, 2009, InfoDog's website will no longer accept "at will" self-listings on its Breeder's Directory. We are taking this step in response to the inherent problems such "at will" self-listings impose upon those who may visit our site in a sincere effort to locate a reputable person to guide them through the selection and purchase of a puppy and then the care of that puppy. Any complaint against one of the self-listings reflects against the integrity of the entire list.

Therefore, going forward, Breeder's Directory listings will be available ONLY to active participants in good standing within the sport of showing dogs as a feature of their Standard, Deluxe or Professional level My InfoDog membership. All other listings will be removed from the website by midnight, October 29, 2009.

If you are already a member of My InfoDog at any level and you have a Breeder's Directory listing nothing will change with your listing.

If you are NOT currently a member of My InfoDog and you wish to keep your Breeder's Directory page you must join My InfoDog by October 29, 2009, or your listing will be removed from our website on the 30th. To join now please complete the following enrollment form.

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