Mckinley Kennel Club - Sunday 06/12/11 Group Results

These dogs/owners have made a contribution with their entry to the Star Dogs for the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

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JUDGE: Mrs. Robert S. Forsyth (DECEASED)
B/G1/BIS 17 CH JASET'S SATISFACTION. PR 11630101. 03-18-08
(Ann Rairigh, Agent).
By Ch Jaset Sparks Will Fly - Ch Cabernet Let's Go To Jaset. Poodles (Standard). Dog.
Owner: B Harris & S Tompkins & C Bailey & M J Winters., Waynesville, NC 28786. Breeder: Sandra Tompkins & Chris Bailey.
JUDGE: Mr. Arley D. Hussin
By Ch Watermark Blazn Downdatrail RN - Ch Pizzazz Topped With Desire. Retrievers (Curly-Coated). Dog.
Owner: Suzanne Macre & Dennis Akins., Akron, NY 140019108. Breeder: D & U Akins.
B/G3 19 GCH GOSLING'S REEL DEAL. SR 38078401. 10-28-06
(Karen Mammano, Agent).
By Feathercreek's Deuce's Wild - Ch Gosling's Thanks For The Memories. Retrievers (Golden). Dog.
Owner: Bonnie Kohl-Laub., Westerlo, NY 12193. Breeder: Kay Gosling.
B/G2 7 GCH COLTHOUSE'S GENUINE DRAFT . SR 49844904. 05-16-08
(A Candy Carswell, Agent).
By Ch Honeygait Wilsonlake On The Rocks - Ch Bludawns Colthouse Magic Alley. Setters (English). Dog.
Owner: Georgette Perry & Annette Carswell & Ann Laurier., Portsmouth, RI 028711223. Breeder: Ann Laurier.
B/G4 12 GCH CAMELAIRD BELIEVE IT OR NOT. SR 47189704. 12-28-07
By Ch Springbreak Tagalong My Own Magic - Ch Camelaird Believe It Too. Spaniels (English Springer). Bitch.
Owner: Tracy Thompson & Barbara Whetsell & Timothy Lowe., Monroeville, PA 15146. Breeder: Timothy Lowe & Anke J Lowe.
JUDGE: Mr. James R. White
B/G4 9 GCH AMBRICAN ERROL FLYNN. HP--35763502. 03-10-09
By Ch Vahhala's Dreamchaser - Ch Ambrican Carmelina. Basset Hounds. Dog.
Owner: R W & P C Frederiksen & Rachel Frederiksen., Chagrin Falls, OH 44023. Breeder: R W & P C Frederiksen.
B/G2 9 GCH AVALYN'S MAGNUM FORCE. HP 28346305. 10-24-07
By Ch Majenkir Regal By Design - Ch Avalyn's All About Eve. Borzois. Dog.
Owner: Lynne Bennett & Barbaranne Benjamin., Howell, MI 488559212. Breeder: Lynne & Mike Bennett.
B/G3 19 GCH GEMDACH RED ROCKER. HP 25883902. 04-02-07
By Ch Gemdach - Ch Redfern Liberated Finance. Dachshunds (Longhaired). Dog.
Owner: Nancy & Kim Haupt., Beachwood, OH 44122. Breeder: Keith & Meg Williamson & Renee Swab.
B/G1 7 CH TIARA NE-KABU ABU SIMBEL ANKH. HP 25546003. 04-12-07
By DC Jomara's Mystic Shesep Ankh SC - Ch Kamlyn's Way To Go Tia JC. Pharaoh Hounds. Dog.
Owner: Jan Ault & Tia Lyons & Kim Grega., Mt Gilead, OH 43338. Breeder: Kim Grega & Jan Ault.
JUDGE: Mr. Rick Gschwender
B/G1 9 GCH ALPENSPIRIT JUST IN TIME. WS 22836702. 11-16-06
(Karen Mammano, Agent).
By Ch Anastasia Summers In Dillon - Ch Mtn Spirit Justice Prevails. Bernese Mountain Dogs. Dog.
Owner: Joann Singleton & Mylene Turbide., Harrisburg, PA 17112. Breeder: Mylene Turbide.
1/W/B/G4 7 HJERPEGARDEN STAR OF DARKNESS. WS36612201. 12-03-09
By Zir Ozzy's Prince Of Darkness - Leonskall's Fairyland Tinkerbell. Leonbergers.
Owner: Amy Samida., Ann Arbor, MI 481043208. Breeder: Olov Hjerpe.
B/G3 17 CH ANDEL'S STEELER NATION . WS 30125501. 03-21-09
By Ch Andel Jero's Ethan Almond - Ch Cammcastle's Factory Built. Rottweilers. Dog.
Owner: Elaine Starry & Michelle Starry & Denise Rosetta., Latrobe, PA 156509140. Breeder: Elaine Starry.
1/W/B/BW 7 CIRQUE D' SAMZ BEST-N-SNO. WS 36040302. 11-16-10
/G2By Ch Sunkaska's Tangled Up In Blue - Ch Cirque D' Samz There's Sno Limit. Samoyeds.
Owner: Tracy B Selis., Toledo, OH 436155740. Breeder: Tracy Selis.
JUDGE: Mr. James R. White
1/W/B/G3 8 BROXDEN ANTHEM DRESSED 2 THE 9. RN 21117501. 07-23-10
By Ch J'Cobe Kemosabe Vigilante Justice - Ch Broxden Omega Dressed For Summer. Fox Terriers (Smooth).
Owner: Donna & Paul Ernst & Amy Booth., Newbury, OH 440659731. Breeder: Amy Booth & Donna Ernst & Bev Anderson.
1/B/G4 12 LOSTMTN'S FERGIE OF LLYWYDD. RN 20130902. 10-28-09
(Lawrence W Cornelius, Agent).
By Ch Llywydd Excalibur - Ch Domby's Miss Arabella Allen. Norfolk Terriers.
Owner: Bobby & Ann Thomas., Powder Springs, GA 30127. Breeder: Ann & Bobby Thomas.
1/W/B/G2 12 ROSE'S JUST'N TIME. RN 21056501. 06-22-10
By Ch Deblin's Just Talk'n - Ch Rose's That's My Babe. Scottish Terriers.
Owner: Jean Rose., Greensburg, PA 15601. Breeder: Jean Rose.
B/G1 7 CH CRAGSMOOR BUDDY GOODMAN. RN 11736302. 05-04-06
(Lawrence W Cornelius, Agent).
By Ch Of Skyeline Albatros - Ch Cragsmoor Good As Can Be. Skye Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Carolyn Koch & Victor Malzoni Jr., Chapel Hill, NC 27517. Breeder: Eugene Z Zaphiris & Matthew H Stander.
JUDGE: Mrs. R. Ellen Fetter
1/W/B/BW 7 RIPTIDES DID JA KNOW. TS 02366401. 04-28-10
(Susan Ofarrell, Agent).
/G4By Ch Kelanes Ja Think - Ch Riptides Busy Being Bad. Chihuahuas (Long Coat).
Owner: Coleen McCarthy., West Islip, NY 117953623. Breeder: Coleen McCarthy.
B/G2 16 GCH DOMINO'S PANDEMONIUM. TR 77438803. 06-15-08
By Ch Joco's Simon Says Strike A Pose - Ch Domino's Catch A Moonbeam. Papillons. Bitch.
Owner: Laura Temperato & Leona Domino & Sharon Newcomb & Elyse Vandermolen., Hinckley, OH 44233. Breeder: Laura Temperato & Leona Domino.
B/G3 21 TRUMP'S BEBE BOWSER. TR 83123105. 01-28-09
By Ch Dress Circle Lock And Load - Ch Treasure's Guinevere At Trump. Pugs. Dog.
Owner: Christopher Myers & Christine Dresser., Medina, OH 44256. Breeder: Curtis Rowe.
By Valcopy Kasey Kahne - Valcopy All That Jaz. Toy Fox Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Dana Plonkey., Latrobe, PA 156509140. Breeder: Dana Plonkey.
JUDGE: Mr. Arley D. Hussin
B/G4 7 CH GLENLEIGH GANG'S 'N ROSES . NP 24487901. 06-25-09
By Ch Belle Creek's Me And My Gang - Ch Glenleigh Rose Me Dallion. Bichons Frises. Dog.
Owner: Karen Tormey & L Carlton & L Letsche DVM & Renee D Lauer., Pittsburgh, PA 152352256. Breeder: Karen A Tormey MD.
B/G3 15 CH ANNALEE TOLD YA SO. NP 14515805. 09-25-06
By Ch Sunwood's Simon Sez - Ch Robb Isle Look At Me Annalee. Boston Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Debi Huml., Berea, OH 440172826. Breeder: Emily Steranka & Veneta Prater & Daphne Belcher.
B/G2 27 CH BANDOG BAYOU'S THE WARRIOR. NP 20476101. 03-24-08
(Lawrence W Cornelius, Agent).
By Bandog's Feel The Magic - Ch Bandog Bayou's Creme Brulee. French Bulldogs. Dog.
Owner: Nancy J Shaw., Fredericksburg, TX 78624. Breeder: Vickie Lang & Patricia Sosa & Luis Sosa.
B/G1/BIS 17 CH JASET'S SATISFACTION. PR 11630101. 03-18-08
(Ann Rairigh, Agent).
By Ch Jaset Sparks Will Fly - Ch Cabernet Let's Go To Jaset. Poodles (Standard). Dog.
Owner: B Harris & S Tompkins & C Bailey & M J Winters., Waynesville, NC 28786. Breeder: Sandra Tompkins & Chris Bailey.
JUDGE: Mrs. Debra Long Gschwender
B/G2 8 GCH SPORTING FIELD'S HEIRESS. DN 21978601. 05-23-08
By Ch Borderfame's Signature - Ch Sportingfield Cute As A Button. Border Collies. Bitch.
Owner: D Butt & J Waterhouse & A Giles & D Einck., Toms Brooks, VA 22660. Breeder: Dionne Butt.
(Tim Zeitz, Agent).
By Ch Copperleaf Burnt Spice - Ch Copperleaf Rose Of Sharon. Cardigan Welsh Corgis. Dog.
Owner: Kathi J Myers., Dubois, PA 158016836. Breeder: David L Anthony & Deborah L Anthony.
B/G1 8 GCH WINSOME'S LOVE REMEMBEARS. DN 21103202. 03-17-08
(Lenny R Brown, Agent).
By Ch Kaleef's Joshua V Kenlyn - Ch Winsome's Bearitney Spears. German Shepherd Dogs. Bitch.
Owner: Frank & Kris Fasano., Adel, IA 50003. Breeder: Frank & Kris Fasano.
B/G3 14 CH MILESTONE'S COOL SUMMER WIND . DN 26056802. 09-19-09
(Judy Stakowski, Agent).
By GCH Sunburst One Cool Dude - Milestone's Summer Vacation. Shetland Sheepdogs. Bitch.
Owner: Diane Miles & April Dunford., Pinellas Park, FL 33782. Breeder: Diane Miles & April Dunford.

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