Alamance Kennel Club, Inc. - Friday 09/03/04 Group Results

These dogs/owners have made a contribution with their entry to the Star Dogs for the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

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JUDGE: Mr. David M. Krogh
B/G1/BIS 18 CH SHAIREAB'S HOLIDAY MAGIC. RN 01653501. 11-03-02
(Lance B Deloria, Agent).
By Shaireab's On Your Honor - Ch Shaireab's Reach For The Stars. Welsh Terriers. Bitch.
Owner: Eleanor Steiger & Barbara Tibaldi & Sharon Abmeyer., Kennesaw, GA 30068. Breeder: Sharon Abmeyer.
JUDGE: Mrs. Beth G. Speich
B/G2 16 CH FIELDFINE TOPSFLD TOP SECRET. SN 80031502. 01-23-01
By Ch Fieldfine's Back For More - Ch Enfields Calender Girl. Pointers (German Shorthaired). Bitch.
Owner: D Simberlund & D & C Orlandi & Les Millman., Potomac, MD 20854. Breeder: Dorothea Simberlund & D Orlandi & B Secker.
B/G3 7 CH DRAKKAR'S TOP KICK. SN 90667103. 03-23-02
(Esteban Farias, Agent).
By Ch Drakkar N Vivas First Man Up - Ch Drakkars All Eyes On Me. Pointers (German Wirehaired). Dog.
Owner: Jane Myers & T Boldin & Ellie Pusateri., Palmetto, FL 342219397. Breeder: Terrence Boldin.
1/W/BW/OS 14 ELDORADO'S I'M JUST A SHOOTING STAR. SN 89468601. 11-19-01
/BBBE/BBEG1By Ch Eldorado's Don't Cha Just Luv Me - Ch Eldorado's Sizzl'n Hott. Retrievers (Golden).
Owner: Chris Browning., Oilville, VA 23129. Breeder: Christine Ulloa Browning & Diane Lenk.
1/W/BBBE 18 KINLOCH'S WAITING TO EXHALE. SN 89787304. 01-07-02
/BBEG4By Ch Saxony's Snow In August - Ch Kintyre's Diva Of Kinloch. Setters (Irish).
Owner: Patty Cowie., Chesapeake, VA 23323. Breeder: Patty Cowie.
1/W/B/BW 21 LOCHLOMOND 'N GING'S LYRIC. SR 13270001. 09-17-03
/BBBE/BBEG2By Ch Jaywyck's Tyme To Dance - Ch Ging's Ballet High. Spaniels (Cocker) A.S.C.O.B..
Owner: T Dowell & L Alton & B Gorodner & T Skinner., Powhatan, VA 23139. Breeder: L ALton & B Gorodner & T Dowell.
1/W/B/BW 14 CANTABRIA ONLY IN FAERYTAILS. SR 14850901. 06-28-03
/G4By Ch Amawalk Dunelm Clansman - Ch Cantabria Golden Gait Sunburnt. Spaniels (English Cocker).
Owner: Mindy Bartholomew., Lenoir, NC 28645. Breeder: M Bartholomew V Schuetze.
1/R/BBBE 12 DAYTIME HUNTER'S TREASURE. SR 03508002. 08-21-02
/BBEG3By Ch Daytime Royal Hunt Ofthe Sun - Ch Hollyhouse Sassafras. Spaniels (Welsh Springer).
Owner: E Carla Nalewajek & Keith Vooris., Manson, NC 27553. Breeder: E Carla Nalewajek & A Legare & A Collard.
B/G1 17 CH BENTON IVY LEAGUE. SN 77165501. 05-11-00
By Rwyn Lucky Luke - Benton Delaware Storm. Spaniels (Welsh Springer). Dog.
Owner: Adrienne Bancker., Marietta, GA 300626050. Breeder: Marjo Jaakkola.
JUDGE: Mrs. Susan St. John Brown
By Suncrest Jondalar - Ch Elmo's Dar Es Salaam. Afghan Hounds.
Owner: Jerry & Alice Hastings., Amherst, VA 24521. Breeder: Jerry & Alice Hastings & Peter Belmont.
(Michael Work, Agent).
By DC Jasiri-Sukari Juri Seinfeld SC - Ch Jasiri-Sukari Tabu. Basenjis. Dog.
Owner: K Toohey & J & K Jones & R & P Lopez., Somers, CT 06071. Breeder: Julie & Cathy Jones & Judy L Secaur.
1/R/BBBE 16 MINOAN SPELLCASTER. HP 03879301. 01-13-03
/BBEG4By Ch Lanbur One Man Show - Ch Oakridge Windswept. Beagles, Over 13 In. But Not Exceeding 15 In..
Owner: Margaret Blutreich & J N Blutreich., Wingate, NC 28174. Breeder: J N Blutreich & Margaret Blutreich.
B/G1 7 CH WINDKIST A WALK IN THE PARK. HM 98535001. 10-25-01
(Aaron Wilkerson, Agent).
By Ch Just-Wright I'm A Pepper Too - Ch Bijoux A Walk In The Clouds. Beagles, Over 13 In. But Not Exceeding 15 In.. Dog.
Owner: Ralph Fagan & Leah Bertagnolli & Jon Woodring., Thibodaux, LA 70301. Breeder: Leah Bertagnolli.
/BBEG1By Ch Woeful Savannah's Matt McGee - Ch Marsala Of Legacy. Bloodhounds.
Owner: Shirley M Tinker., Yorktown, VA 23692. Breeder: Shirley M Tinker.
1/W/BW/BBBE 11 ADD-SIM'S CHARLIE BROWN. HP 08039202. 12-02-03
/BBEG2By Ch Add-Sim's Good Time Charlie - Elsa V Haus Sonnenfels. Dachshunds (Smooth).
Owner: Cliff Simones & Robbie Addison., Miami, FL 33170. Breeder: Helga Paule & Helmut Paule.
B/G4 17 CH MONAB NEPTUNE . HM 99175205. 09-20-01
(Ronald Bigford, Agent).
By Ch Monab Dadaelis Remus - Ch Odi Et Amo Marigold Elessar. Salukis. Dog.
Owner: Sue Ann Pietros., Sparr, FL 32192. Breeder: Sue Ann Pietros & Marilyn Brown & Sue Flynn.
B/G3 31 CH SPORTING FIELD'S ROCK ON. HM 93992707. 11-24-00
By Ch Wenrick's Man About Town - Mimbres Zophisticate N Fld. Whippets. Dog.
Owner: Dan Black & Bruno Gideon & Dionne E Butt., Toms Brooks, VA 226600336. Breeder: Dionne E Butt & Owen J Light.
JUDGE: Mr. Steven D. Gladstone
1/BBBE/BBEG1 19 RAYPAT'S GOOD-N-PLENTY. WS 03914301. 05-05-03
By Ch Standing O Galaxie Gasheron - Raypat's It's About Time. Boxers.
Owner: R & P Kisselovich & Lisa Holden., Elizabeth, PA 15037. Breeder: Pat Kisselovich & Lisa Holden.
B/G4 11 CH ASHLOCK'S ZAM B Z ZINGER. WR 01329102. 02-02-01
By Ch Bastion Ashlk Run For The Roses - Ch Dusty Rose Sundre At Ashlk. Bullmastiffs. Dog.
Owner: Vicki Allenbrand., Dacula, GA 30019. Breeder: Renee Aldrich & Brooke Hummel.
B/G2 15 CH WINGATE'S COMPULSION. WR 04074608. 07-02-01
(Jeffrey Lynn Brucker, Agent).
By Ch Charleston EZ Ryder V Bar-Lock - Ch Wingate's Electric Star CDX. Doberman Pinschers. Dog.
Owner: Arthur F & Karyn A Smith., Naples, FL 34117. Breeder: Jody Huston & Leon Fragione & Cynthia Fragione.
By Ch Pena-Zarlin Sharp Dressed Man - ShadyLanes Ilene Sunrise. Great Danes.
Owner: Joyce Davis & Melissa Dreyer., Greenville, NC 27834. Breeder: Joyce Davis & Melissa Dreyer.
B/G3 14 CH BEAR N MIND'S LADY LIBERTY. WR 05537101. 10-24-01
By Ch Darbydale's You've Got M Male - Ch Bear N Mind's By The Sea. Newfoundlands. Bitch.
Owner: Christine & Dwight Gorsuch., Westminster, MD 21158. Breeder: Christine & Dwight Gorsuch.
By Ch Gamegards U.S. Marshall - Ch Von Riddle's Hattie V Topaz. Rottweilers.
Owner: Lisa & Harold Sims & Karen Riddle., Macon, GA 31210. Breeder: Lisa & Harold Sims & Karen Riddle.
1/R/BBBE 8 WENDONAH'S BLUEBERRY PIE. WP 98614904. 06-27-00
/BBEG3By Ch Synama's Blue's Traveler - Ch Wendonah's Jambalaya. Siberian Huskies.
Owner: Susan House., Raleigh, NC 27613. Breeder: Sharon Osharow & Susan House.
B/G1 25 CH KONTOKI'S LET'S TALK ABOUT ME. WR 05800503. 10-31-01
(Frank J Murphy, Agent).
By Ch Kontoki's N'Bingo Was His Name O - Ch Kontoki's Freeze On Down The Road. Siberian Huskies. Dog.
Owner: Dick & Cathy Coulter., Leesburg, FL 34788. Breeder: Thomas L Oelschlager & Marlene A DePalma.
JUDGE: Mr. Thomas L. Yates
1/BBBE/BBEG4 16 CAIRNHAVN'S LADY IN RED. RN 01607101. 01-25-03
By Ch William Wallace Of Wolfpit - Karengary Celebration Of Life. Cairn Terriers.
Owner: Colleen Finch., Earlysville, VA 22936. Breeder: Colleen Finch.
1/W/B/G3 7 ACCOLADE STEAL THE MOMENT. RN 05331801. 06-23-03
By Ch Accolade Juan El Viajero - Accolade Image Of A Rose. Fox Terriers (Smooth).
Owner: Sharon L Clark., Simpsonville, SC 29680. Breeder: Peter Farmer & Stuart Lister.
B/G2 7 CH ELBRLEY'S FINNSTAR PADRICK. RM 30928302. 04-05-00
(Carol Herr, Agent).
By Elbrley's Spencer For Eire - Ch Slievemish Blazing Diamond. Kerry Blue Terriers. Dog.
Owner: Carol Postley., Ocala, FL 34482. Breeder: Owner.
1/BBBE/BBEG3 8 CHARLIN'S ARTS AND LETTERS. RN 03874301. 12-08-03
By Ch Charlin's Monogram - Ch Demonmoon Sympatico. Manchester Terriers (Standard).
Owner: Linda H Lewin., Falls Church, VA 22041. Breeder: Owner.
1/R/BBBE 8 KINGMONTS SITTING PRETTY. RN 04563903. 12-17-03
/BBEG2By Ch Chaos Devon Of Kingmont - Kingmont's Bertha. Norwich Terriers.
Owner: Dan Burroughs & Barbara Burroughs., Midlothian, VA 23113. Breeder: Dan Burroughs & Barbara F Burroughs.
1/W/BBBE 9 MAGIC'S FAST & FURIOUS. RN 02877501. 06-11-03
/BBEG1By Prestwick's Magic Phantom - Ch White Oak's Magic Sno. Parson Russell Terriers.
Owner: Patsy K Black & Christine Johnson., Bennett, NC 27208. Breeder: Owners.
1/W/B/BW 14 CHARTHILL AYRE OF GRACE. RN 02293001. 05-06-03
(Santiago Pinto, Agent).
/G4By Ch DeMagic Illusion Picasso at Charthill - Ch Charthill Silk Streamer. Scottish Terriers.
Owner: Bea Vore & Charla Hill., Clermont, GA 30527. Breeder: Charla Hill & Kari Hill.
B/G1/BIS 18 CH SHAIREAB'S HOLIDAY MAGIC. RN 01653501. 11-03-02
(Lance B Deloria, Agent).
By Shaireab's On Your Honor - Ch Shaireab's Reach For The Stars. Welsh Terriers. Bitch.
Owner: Eleanor Steiger & Barbara Tibaldi & Sharon Abmeyer., Kennesaw, GA 30068. Breeder: Sharon Abmeyer.
JUDGE: Mrs. Sharon A. Krogh
B/G4 8 CH DAZZLES VIRGINIA DARE D'KYLE. TR 12072101. 02-21-03
(Handler: Peggy Wilson).
By Ch Dea's Slugger At The Plate - Dazzles Go Girl Go. Chihuahuas (Smooth Coat). Bitch.
Owner: Margaret W Kyle., Galax, VA 24333. Breeder: Donna J. Jensen.
1/W/BW/BBBE 8 JRF WOCKET IN MY POCKET. TR 22609701. 01-05-04
/BBEG3By Fairway Lyricisle So Sue Me - Ch Wanrod's JRF Georgia On My Mind. Chinese Cresteds.
Owner: Tracey A Smith., St Marys, GA 31558. Breeder: Tracey Smith & Steve Wantuck.
B/G1 11 CH CHINDALE HIDDEN KEY SURVIVOR. TP 22154101. 05-12-01
(Victor Cohen, Agent).
By Ch Chindales Just A Rumor - Ch Chindales Glen Acres Secret. Japanese Chin. Dog.
Owner: Dale & Vincent Adams., Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418. Breeder: Dale & Vincent Adams.
1/R/BBBE 21 BUBIC SUNNYSIDE TRUMP CARD. TR 18796901. 11-13-03
/BBEG2By Ch Whitehouse's Success Story - Ch Bubic Sunnyside Charged Up. Miniature Pinschers.
Owner: Joel & Sylvia Butler & Alice Greene., Salisbury, NC 28146. Breeder: Joel & Sylvia Butler & Alice Greene.
B/G2 10 CH MARAVEN POP SECRET. TP 31945202. 06-20-02
(Handler: Kelly Marquis PHA).
By Ch Sunsprite Rocky Of Burlon - Burlon's Chanel. Miniature Pinschers. Bitch.
Owner: Roy & Jo Ann Kusumoto., Las Vegas, NV 89113. Breeder: Mary Ellen Hatfield & Sally Williams.
B/G3 7 CH YAKEE IF ONLY. TR 20446601. 01-13-02
(David Fitzpatrick, Agent).
By Yakee A Dangerous Liaison - Yakee Musical Girl. Pekingese. Dog.
Owner: Kit Woodruff., Cat Springs, TX 78933. Breeder: A Easdon & P Martin.
1/W/B/BW 10 MING DYNASTY'S MOONSTRUCK. TR 16389801. 04-26-03
/BBBE/BBEG1By Ch Ming Dynasty's Divine Player - Ming Dynasty Mishar's Windi. Shih Tzu.
Owner: G Blackburn, M Iseki., Poulsbo, WA 98370. Breeder: G. Blackburn, M. Iseki.
1/W/OS/BBBE 8 TIFFANY'S WILD N BLUE. TR 13132202. 05-20-06
/BBEG4By Ch Tiffany's O'Rielly - Tiffany's Precious Stone. Yorkshire Terriers.
Owner: Beverly B Ferguson & Catherine A Sheridan., Pasadena, MD 21122. Breeder: Owners.
JUDGE: Mrs. Sharon A. Krogh
B/G3 9 CH RISGAE'S WILD BILL. NP 02049701. 08-10-02
(Miyuki Rocha, Agent).
By Ch Risgae's Garcon de Magnolia - Risgae's Miss Marmelstein. Bichons Frises. Dog.
Owner: Rick Day & Gerry Grimes & Donna Jones & H Pritchard., Loganville, GA 300523938. Breeder: Rick Day & Donna Jones.
B/G4 22 CH BABLU'S CLASSIC VICTORIA. NM 91206602. 07-02-01
(Esteban Faria, Agent).
By Ch Classic's One Tuff Kid - Ch Bablu's Whatever Lola Wants. Boston Terriers. Bitch.
Owner: Jorge J Palacio., Miami, FL 33173. Breeder: Owner.
1/BBBE/BBEG2 41 TANGO'S JAILHOUSE ROCK!. NP 04086001. 09-04-03
By Tango's Rock It Again! - Tango's Magnificent Mehgan. Bulldogs.
Owner: Donald & Paula Satkin & Millie Watkins., Fredericksburg, VA 22408. Breeder: Millie Watkins.
(Frank Murphy, Agent).
By Ch Rio Vista Bergdorf Goodman - Ch Sundried's Amazing Wrinkles. Chinese Shar-Pei. Dog.
Owner: Marilyn E Currey., Reddick, FL 32686. Breeder: Marilyn E Currey.
1/W/B/BBBE 8 TALIMER HI TIDE ADORE THE SHORE . NP 06455801. 01-02-04
/BBEG4By Ch Hi Tide Shore Leave - Ch Talimer Stella Dorable. Lhasa Apsos.
Owner: Carla & Nick Varney & Terre Mohr., Norfolk, VA 23503. Breeder: Carla & Nick Varney & Terri Mohr.
B/G2 9 CH KIYARA THE INTIMIDATOR. PR 01733803. 12-10-02
(Miyuki Rocha, Agent).
By Ch Shantoma By Design - Ch Kiyara Mardi Gras Kaos. Poodles (Miniature). Dog.
Owner: Michael Lamb & William Jividen & Pamela L Davis., Catlett, VA 20119. Breeder: Michael Lamb & William Jividen & Jeanne Kennedy.
1/W/BBBE 16 EAGLE CREST KACHINA DOLL. NP 05058801. 12-03-03
/BBEG1By Ch Matoaka's Keep On Truckin' - Ak-Bo-Tis Willow Of Eaglecrest. Tibetan Spaniels.
Owner: Joline Finke & Clayton Mooney & David A Finke., Smithfield, VA 234303343. Breeder: Joline Finke & Clayton Mooney.
1/BBBE/BBEG3 16 MOONRISE GOLDEN SOLLEIL . NP 01751402. 11-18-02
By Ch Atisha's Millenium - Ch Kha-Ling's Dirty Dancing. Tibetan Terriers.
Owner: Lyn A Maner & Charles & Delene Travella., Greensboro, NC 27410. Breeder: Charles & Delene Travella.
JUDGE: Mrs. Marieann Gladstone (RESIGNED)
By Ch Moorea's Midnight Masqurade HT - Windypine Hotline To Heaven AX AXJ. Australian Shepherds.
Owner: Pamela & Cary Manaton., Clayton, NC 27520. Breeder: Pamela A Manaton & Cary C Manaton.
B/G3 10 CH BRACKENHILL STAR OF BONCLYDE. DL 84787504. 08-16-00
(Susan Moorehead, Agent).
By Ch Trumagik Tartan Scot - Ch Brackenhill Wish A Lot, HS. Border Collies. Bitch.
Owner: Bonnie Buchanan., Sanford, NC 27331. Breeder: Linda Mooradine & Annemarie Silverton.
1/W/BW/BBBE 7 SENDERO'S UNFORGIVEN. DN 03075510. 03-20-03
/BBEG3By Ch Briardale Pride De Seuletoile - Ch Sendero's O Hara. Briards.
Owner: Merry Jeanne Millner & Tommy Millner., High Point, NC 27262. Breeder: Merry Jeanne Millner & Tommy Millner.
B/G4 18 CH SENDERO'S STERLING GRAY GHOST. DL 86776408. 03-05-01
(Joan Scott, Agent).
By Montagne Hallmark De Lindeau HS - Ch Sendero's Lil Lead Shot. Briards. Bitch.
Owner: Merry Jeanne Millner & Tommy Millmer & Tari Welch., High Point, NC 27262. Breeder: Merry Jeanne & Tommy Millner.
B/G1 43 CH ROWLAND'S CEZANNE OF IMP-CEN. DL 88556607. 07-23-01
By Ch Pinebuck's Rhodes To Victory - Ch Rowland's Cure For Love CD. German Shepherd Dogs. Dog.
Owner: Christina M Halliday & Connie L Halliday & Lea Broseus., Waynesburg, PA 15370. Breeder: Betsy Geishen-Scott.
1/W/BW/BBBE 30 SHADOW HILL'S STAR CHASER. DN 03050303. 02-18-03
/BBEG1/BBBy Shadow Hill's Polaris - Shadow Hill Satin Pillow. Shetland Sheepdogs.
Owner: Jane Hammett & Don Bright., Jackson Springs, NC 27281. Breeder: Jane Hammett & Don Bright.
B/G2 10 CH BAEWYN TELLTAIL PORSCHE. DL 89732306. 10-22-01
By Ch Shadowalk Phi-Vestavia Ikon - Ch Chandler-Pluperfect Paisley. Welsh Corgis (Cardigan) OLD. Bitch.
Owner: C B Bossi & P O'Donnell & G Dovolis & N Chandler., Wilmington, NC 284093928. Breeder: Georgene Dovolis & P O'Donnell & Norma Chandler.
1/R/BBBE 45 LASTSTOP DASH TO THE FINISH. DN 01971103. 09-15-02
/BBEG2By Ch Foxlor Shaferhaus Sammy Sosa - Ch Laststop Yul B Betsy Too. Welsh Corgis (Pembroke) OLD.
Owner: William Leander & Carol L Dowd., Southern Pines, NC 28387. Breeder: Carol L. Dowd & Meredith L. Falarski.

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