Livonia Kennel Club - Friday 01/21/2011

These dogs/owners have made a contribution with their entry to the Star Dogs for the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

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JUDGE: Dr. Richard F. Greathouse
BOXERS. Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.
1/R 17RODELA'S BLAST FROM THE PAST. WS 30765401. 06-19-09
By Ch Irondale's Jagged Edge - Ch Boxberry Burn Baby Burn.
Owner: Deena Alexander., South Bend, IN 466281431. Breeder: Deena Alexander.
BOXERS. Open, Brindle Dogs.
A 9CR-NEWCASTLE'S BIRD IN THE HAND. WS 28813607. 12-10-08
By Ch Weston's Cry For Freedom - CR One Hot MaMa.
Owner: Jennifer & Jeremy Walker & C Walunas & V Johnson., Farmington Hills, MI 483342632. Breeder: Rick & Cindy Walunas.
BOXERS. Open, Fawn Dogs.
1/W 7EVERGREEN'S UP, UP AND AWAY. WS 28489201. 10-09-08
(1 Point)By Ch Evergreen's Class Act - Ch Evergreen's Sunburst.
Owner: Jane Flowers & Stanley Flowers., Buffalo, MN 55313. Breeder: Owners.
2 27PEPRHL'S DANCE FEVER. WS 30844202. 06-29-09
By Ch Regal's Heeere's Johnny UD RN - Ch Peprhl Will You Dance Marbo CD RE AX AXJ NF.
Owner: Sue Ann Thompson., North Liberty, IA 523179540. Breeder: Sue Ann Thompson.
(Tessie Savage, Agent).
BOXERS. Puppy, 6 & Under 9 Months Bitches.
1 20NANTESS IMPORTED BLACK VELVET. WS 33978301. 04-27-10
By Ch White Pines Willie B Invited - Ch Nantess Southern Lady.
Owner: Nancy Savage & Tessie Savage., Table Grove, IL 614829619. Breeder: Nancy & Tessie Savage.
BOXERS. Puppy, 9 & Under 12 Months Bitches.
1/BP 8PRITCHETT N BAY'S. WS 33870102. 03-30-10
By Ch Laroba's Murbe Chew's Big Guy - Murbe Storm Of The Century.
Owner: Sheila M Fry., Bay Port, MI 487209775. Breeder: Natasha Pritchett.
BOXERS. Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.
1/W/BW 12NANTESS NU WAY TO IMPACT. WS 30506702. 06-02-09
(1 Point)By Ch Draymia Moon Valley Impact - Ch Sarkels Set-Em Up At Nantess.
Owner: Nancy & Tessie Savage., Table Grove, IL 614829619. Breeder: Nancy Savage & Tessie Savage.
BOXERS. American-Bred Bitches.
1/R 10WILKY'S MAKER OF DREAMS. WS 30137207. 04-15-09
By Ch Beckencall's Daydream Believer - Ch Wilkyano's Pennys From Heaven.
Owner: Sheila Fry & Guy Fisher & Jacklyn Fisher., Bay Port, MI 487209775. Breeder: Todd Wilkerson & Lori Wilkerson.
2 18BAIBROOK'S RAINEY DAY DREAM. WS 27686207. 09-08-08
By Ch Raineylane's Different Drum - Ch Baibrook's Infinity Of Willarea.
Owner: Karen Kaleta., Seville, OH 442739733. Breeder: Karen Kaleta.
(Tessie Savage, Agent).
BOXERS. Open, Brindle Bitches.
A16LAROBA'S NIGHT LILLY OF MURBE. WS 28962903. 01-04-09
By Ch Paramount's Boogie Nights - Laroba's Del Sol.
Owner: Laurie Battiste., Otisville, MI 484639753. Breeder: L Battiste.
(Guy H Fisher, Agent).
By Ch Topaz' Liaison At Hitide - Ch Telstar's Dancing In The Rain.
Owner: Cindy Hearn & Bonnie Wagaman., White Lake, MI 483831938. Breeder: Bonnie Wagaman & Jennifer Tellier.
BOXERS. Open, Fawn Bitches.
1 22MCCOY'S TONIC FOR THE HEART OF RICO. WS 27731302. 08-12-08
By Mccoy's Hide Your Hearts - Mccoy's Farther Along.
Owner: Donna Purichia., Indianapolis, IN 462402633. Breeder: Larry McCoy.
(Tess Savage, Agent).
BOXERS. Best of Breed Competition.
A 11CH CARILLON'S MVP. WS 26345303. 06-02-08
By Ch Capri's Woods End Spellcaster - Ch Carillon Ellie's Grand Finale. Dog.
Owner: Steve & Ann Anderson., Atlanta, GA 30327. Breeder: Cindy Suarez.
(Rick Justice, Agent).
15GCH EVERGREEN'S GO GET 'EM FROGTOWN. WS 24857601. 12-03-07
By Ch Salgray's K.O. Aracrest - Ch Evergreen's Sunburst. Dog.
Owner: Maxine Evans & Jennifer Crane & S & J Flowers., St Paul, MN 55119. Breeder: Jane E & Stanley D Flowers.
SEL 21GCH SCHMIDT'S-GC MOOSE A. MOOSE. WS 29070301. 12-31-08
By GCH Raineylane-Studio DaVinci - Schmidt's Mystic Run At Heart Acre. Dog.
Owner: Tammy Davison & Juli Schmidt & Cindy Yaeger., Freeland, MI 48623. Breeder: Juli Schmidt & Cindy Yaeger.
23CH NANTESS ROYAL HOT ROD. WS 22947001. 08-18-07
By Ch Nantess Royal Flush - Ch Nantess Southern Lady. Dog.
Owner: Nancy & Tessie Savage., Table Grove, IL 614829619. Breeder: Nancy & Tessie Savage.
By Ch Paramount's Boogie Nights - Murbe Storm Of The Century. Bitch.
Owner: Charles Wesch & Barabara Wesch & Guy Fisher., Clay, MI 480014417. Breeder: N Pritchett.
(Guy H Fisher, Agent).
B25CH AVALON'S URBAN LEGEND. WS 18329201. 05-30-06
By Avalon's Galahad - Avalon's Jailhouse Rock. Dog.
Owner: Linda Zehfuss., Ann Arbor, MI 481087902. Breeder: Norra L Hansen & Dr Daniel Buchwald & Michael Pivtorak.

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