Rubber City Kennel Club - Saturday 01/09/2010

These dogs/owners have made a contribution with their entry to the Star Dogs for the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

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JUDGE: Mrs. Kelly L. Photopoulos
RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN). 12 & Under 18 Months Dogs.
2 35MISTY MEADOWS FAGIN. SR 53377306. 10-31-08
By Gold-n-Point Blue Angel - Misty Meadows Mountain High.
Owner: Deborah Feagan & Ed Feagan., Cleveland, OH 441302508. Breeder: Diane & Lisa Schultz.
(Lisa Schultz, Agent).
1 43GOSLING'S COZ. SR 52206210. 09-28-08
By Gosling's Reel Deal - Planta Noro N Gosling's Vintage Red.
Owner: Bonnie Kohl & Leonard Luab., Westerlo, NY 12193. Breeder: Kay Gosling.
(Karen Mammano, Agent).
1/W/BW 7CLOVERDALE KATMANDU. SR 47409102. 12-26-07
(1 Point)By Ch Cloverdale Tommy Bahama - Cloverdale Camryn.
Owner: Jane Zimmerman & Amy Adametz., Hampton, CT 062471119. Breeder: Jane A Zimmerman.
(Cortney Corral, Agent).
By Ch Gideon Sweet Luck O'The Draw - Gideon Lady Sings The Blues.
Owner: Vicki White., Atwater, OH 442019223. Breeder: Vicki White & Maureen Kilarin.
By Ch Mariner Icy Autumn Wind JH - Ch Panambi Galaxia Parsifal.
Owner: Lee Painting & Linda Love & Elizabeth Painting., Walworth, NY 145689747. Breeder: Linda L Love & Carolyn Zagami.
(Tim Terella, Agent).
15GRACIOUS GLDS GUNS A BLAZIN. SR 31280201. 10-20-05
By Ch Summits Mr. BoJangles - Ch Gracious Golds Lady Brit.
Owner: Vicki Peters., Perry, OH 440819546. Breeder: Steven Lusa & Susan Lusa.
2/R 23GOLDWIND'S TAKIN' A CHANCE. SR 44686801. 08-23-07
By Goldwind Crystal Falls Icon - Collins Golden Roxie.
Owner: Edward L Collins., Grand Ridge, IL 613259514. Breeder: Edward L Collins.
By Ch Faera's Future Classic - Hytree's Devil In A Blue Dress.
Owner: Stephen Klonowski & Donna Edwards., Bratenahl, OH 441081118. Breeder: Donna Edwards.
A 27GOSLING'S THE REEL DEAL. SR 38078401. 10-28-06
By Feathercreek's Deuce's Wild - Ch Gosling's Thanks For The Memories.
Owner: Kay Gosling., Westerlo, NY 12193. Breeder: Kay Gosling.
(Sam Mammano, Agent).
A 29GLAMOUR'S RONAN N MACMARINER. SR 49837103. 05-03-08
By Ch Shor'Line Jetoca High Seas Adventure JH RN - Merrygold's Mov N Full Throttle.
Owner: Steven Smallhoover & Melissa Harless., Pittsburgh, PA 152431715. Breeder: Melissa Harless.
(Coleen McGee, Agent).
A 33GOODSPORTS BEAT THE BUZZER. SR 41657901. 10-06-06
By Ch Honeybee's Swarm Warning MH MX MXJ - Ch LazyDaze Full Courty Press.
Owner: Maureen A Cox., Novelty, OH 440729511. Breeder: Maureen A Cox.
3 41BRIANNE'S GREEN BERET. SR 44382206. 07-24-07
By Ch Faera's BMOC - Ch Cabin Creeks Day Lily JH.
Owner: Anne & Brian Pittman., Valencia, PA 16059. Breeder: Anne Pittman.
RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN). Puppy, 6 & Under 9 Months Bitches.
3 8BITTERSWEET'S OOH LA LATTE!. SR 57323601. 06-17-09
By Ch GI-KI's Moon Weaver RN - Honey Runs's BitterSweet Legacy.
Owner: Cheri Goggin & Megan MacIntyre., Aurora, OH 442026616. Breeder: Cheri Goggin.
2 10SUNGOLD'S FOXY ROXIE. SR 56639301. 04-29-09
By Ch Gi-Ki's Moon Weaver RN - Sungold's Whole New World.
Owner: Debbie Stamm., Medina, OH 442567974. Breeder: Debbie Stamm.
1 32TRIVALLEY'S I BELIEVE IN MUSIC. SR 57425702. 04-12-09
By Ch Hunts Owen - Ch Traeloch's Maggie Mae.
Owner: Loretta Puet., Vienna, OH 44473. Breeder: Loretta Puet.
(Patricia Flanagan, Agent).
RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN). Puppy, 9 & Under 12 Months Bitches.
A 12OAKSHADOWS FEELIN FINE TD. SR 54963204. 01-18-09
By Ch Evergreens How Do U Like Me Now - Oakshadows It's My Party.
Owner: Gail K Burket., Dover, OH 446227639. Breeder: Gail K Burket.
RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN). 12 & Under 18 Months Bitches.
A 16GOODSPORTS ME AND MY GENES. SR 55921202. 10-04-08
By Ch LazyDaze GoodSports Designer Genes - Pawnee GoodSports Hanky Panky.
Owner: Maureen A Cox., Novelty, OH 440729511. Breeder: Maureen A Cox & Patrick Cox.
1 22NAUTILUS-PAMAANDE GEM D'ZINE. SR 52035907. 08-24-08
By Ch Nautilus Lord Of The Rings - Nautilus Wish Upon A Star.
Owner: Patricia Depp & Julie MacKinnon., Pittsburgh, PA 15229. Breeder: Eileen M Picillo & Julie MacKinnon.
RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN). Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.
By Ch Hytree's Ryd-N-Out The Storm - Harborview Plead The Fifth.
Owner: Jennifer Craig., Erie, PA 165111558. Breeder: Jennifer Craig & Vicki White.
1 26GOLD'N'POINT MISTY MEADOW AIR. SR 54766401. 01-05-09
By Gold'N'Point Something In The Air - Misty Meadows Luv On The Rocks.
Owner: Vonnie Peterson & Lisa Schultz., West Farmington, OH 444919759. Breeder: Diane & Lisa Schultz.
2 40FAERA'S 3.14159.... SR 43777703. 06-11-07
By Ch Faera's Future Classic - Ch Faera's TLC.
Owner: Rhonda Hovan., Bath, OH 442101110. Breeder: Rhonda Hovan.
A 42GOODSPORTS TEE IT UP. SR 48906901. 10-23-07
By Ch Granitgold Irongate In Luck - Valentine's Tee Time.
Owner: Maureen A Cox., Novelty, OH 440729511. Breeder: Maureen A Cox.
A 14HARBORVIEW THAT GIRL. SR 45465304. 05-29-07
By Ch Gideon's Roll In The Sheetz - Ch Harborview Legal Action.
Owner: Jennifer Craig., Erie, PA 165111558. Breeder: Jennifer Craig.
1/W/OS 24BRIANNE'S GLORIOUS DAWN. SR 49091104. 03-23-08
(1 Point)By Ch Hytree's Ryd-N-Out The Storm - Ch Cabin Creek's Day Lily JH.
Owner: Anne Pittman & Coleen McGee., Valencia, PA 16059. Breeder: Anne Pittman.
28LAKESYDE'S FIFTH AVENUE. SR 46414701. 10-12-07
By Ch Klaasem's Zoom Zoom Zoom - Lakesyde's R We Having Fun Yet.
Owner: Julie & Cortney Corral & Tanner Congleton., Versailles, KY 403839501. Breeder: Julie & Cortney Corral.
A 34MERRYGOLD JUST 2 C U SMILE. SR 45745301. 10-05-07
By Ch Merrygold O Say Can You See - Ch Kandiland's Timebomb @ MGG.
Owner: Elaine Kandzari & Ray Scott., Morgantown, WV 26508. Breeder: Ray Scott & Mary Scott.
(Pat Flanagan, Agent).
4 36KANDILAND CRYSTAL FALLS READY 'R' NOT. SR 52436001. 01-31-08
By Ch Spiritlodge Ticket To Ride - Ch Kandiland's Let 'D' Good Times Roll.
Owner: Judy Kaldahl., Farmington Hills, MI 483344017. Breeder: Bev Patz & Kara Vandenberg.
3 38HARBORVIEW DON'T STOP BELIEVIN. SR 47807705. 01-04-08
By Ch Gideon's Roll In The Sheetz - Ch Harborview Legal Action.
Owner: Jan Furtwangler., Meadville, PA 163356245. Breeder: Jennifer Craig.
44PAINTING FIELDS OF DREAMS. SR 48914201. 03-28-08
By Ch Waynwood's Play It Again Sam - Ch Dalane Painting Teen Angel.
Owner: Lee Painting & Elizabeth Painting., Walworth, NY 145689747. Breeder: Lee Painting & Elizabeth Painting.
(Karen Mammano, Agent).
2/R46RED HILL'S GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN. SR 26649302. 06-12-05
By Ch Ajan's Loverboy - Unicoi's Down By The Sea.
Owner: Paula Petelle., Knoxville, TN 379208000. Breeder: Charleen S Madsen.
(Cortney Corral, Agent).
A 48THISTLE'S NORTHERN LIGHTS. SR 46150101. 10-09-07
By Ch Evergreen's Tay-K Freedom - Jackpot's Buttermilk Sky RN.
Owner: Cynthia Conomy., Willoughby, OH 44094. Breeder: Cynthia Conomy.
(Matt McMillan, Agent).
RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN). Best of Breed Competition.
31CH MISTY MEADOWS WILDFIRE. SR 38061703. 09-10-06
By Ch Hytree's Ryd-N-Out The Storm - Misty Meadows Mountain High. Dog.
Owner: Diane Schultz & Lisa Schultz., Garrettsville, OH 442319126. Breeder: Diane & Lisa Schultz.
By Ch Merrygold O Say Can You See - Ch Kandiland's All The Rite Stuf. Dog.
Owner: Kara Vandenberg & Bev Patz., Wyoming, MI 495192205. Breeder: Bev Patz.
(Judy Kaldahl, Agent).
39CH GI-KI'S MOON WEAVER. SR 18391003. 05-04-04
By Ch Nautilus Just A Gigilo - Ch Afire's Burning Love. Dog.
Owner: Pat Goggin & Jan Whitaker & Cheri Goggin., Aurora, OH 442026616. Breeder: Jan Whitaker & Melody Weil & Barbara L Rollins.

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